Apollo Meets Ontario Accessibility Guidelines

Biblionix announced compliance with the Access for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA): the Apollo Automation System’s on-line public catalog (OPAC) meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level A. “Biblionix leads the field in responding to the… Read More

New Responsive Public Catalog for Apollo Automation™

New Responsive Public Catalog

Integrated library system energized with revamped, streamlined public catalog. Austin, Texas – November 18, 2014 Biblionix, which provides automation for public libraries, today announced a totally redesigned public catalog for its Apollo integrated library system (ILS). The new… Read More

Automatic MARC update for New Hampshire libraries

Apollo ILS updates NHU-PAC with no staff action required Austin, Texas – October 28, 2014 Biblionix today announced that its Apollo ILS will automatically update the NHU-PAC state catalog for all of its New Hampshire customers. These updates… Read More

Apollo Receives Highest Ranking

Apollo receives highest ranking

For the fifth straight year, Apollo received the highest ranking from Marshall Breeding’s annual Perceptions survey. This international Library Automation Perceptions Report provides evaluative ratings submitted by individuals representing over three thousand libraries from 53 countries describing experiences… Read More

Apollo adds Acquisitions and a new OPAC

Biblionix adds key functionality Indianapolis, Indiana – March 14, 2014 Today at the Public Library Association (PLA) conference, Biblionix announced the two major enhancements to its Apollo automation system: Acquisitions and a totally new look for the public… Read More

Apollo Teams up with Axis 360 Digital Media Library

Apollo Teams up with Axis 360 Digital Media Library

Biblionix enhances patron access Austin, Texas – March 3, 2014 Biblionix today announced the integration of Baker & Taylor’s Axis 360 digital media library and its Apollo Automation system. Already an innovator in the ILS (Integrated Library System)… Read More

Library System gets new catalog and circulation system from Biblionix

System of Bradford County Libraries Towanda, PA, May 15, 2013 Apollo has been recognized as the God of light and sun, truth and prophecy, healing, music, poetry, and now Bradford County’s new circulation and cataloging system. The new… Read More

Biblionix Announces Seamless Access for Novelist® Select Content

Book discovery capabilities display in Apollo™ catalog automatically Austin, Texas – March 1, 2013 Biblionix today announced the integration of Novelist Select content into its Apollo Automation system catalog. Patrons can now seamlessly discover great books similar to… Read More

Biblionix Announces Global Configuration for All 72 Iowa Libraries

LearningExpress direct access was enabled with no library action Austin, Texas – February 28, 2013 Biblionix today announced that referring URL authentication capability for LearningExpress has been implemented overnight for all 72 Iowa customers of its Apollo™ automation… Read More

Biblionix Announces Partnership with Unique Management

Gentle Nudge® Payment integration for Apollo™ available to all customers at no charge Austin, Texas – November 28, 2012 Biblionix today announced the integration of Unique Management’s Gentle Nudge® capability into its Apollo Automation System. The Apollo Connection… Read More