New Responsive Public Catalog for Apollo Automation™

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Past News

Integrated library system energized with revamped, streamlined public catalog.

Austin, Texas – November 18, 2014

Biblionix, which provides automation for public libraries, today announced a totally redesigned public catalog for its Apollo integrated library system (ILS). The new catalog is available immediately and is already in use by many customers.

The new catalog is responsive, allowing patrons to enjoy the continuity of a single interface across all devices, from phones to tablets to laptops and desktop PCs. Drill-down information is seamlessly shown via in – line display without the page changes and pop-ups that are common in most other ILS catalogs. One click displays the detail and another click hides it, optimizing patrons’ experience.

“The sleek new look and smooth operation has our patrons abuzz,” said Lynn Piotrowicz, director of the Tucker Free Library in Henniker, New Hampshire. “We loved Apollo before, but with this fantastic new approach, Biblionix has delighted us all once again.”

The catalog continues Apollo’s ‘single sign-on’ feature which, for logged-in users only, links to the library’s premium databases and e-Resources. This provides two advantages: 1)patrons can log in to the catalog and, with typically no subsequent log-in, have one-click access to all the premium resources and 2)patrons in good standing are assured of maximum access while patrons blocked by the ILS will be blocked from accessing the premium resources. Any class/type of patron can be blocked from using individual resources as well.

Other new advantages include:

  • Faceted search
  • Image crawl of newly added titles
  • “Most Popular” listings
  • Ability to swipe a date range for deferring reserves
  • Map(s) to the library and its branch(es)
  • French language option (in addition to Spanish and Vietnamese)

And as in the previous version, the catalog retains features like automatically added e-items, CSS customization, Reserve Express™, no paging, Recommended Reading lists, “What’s New” and more.

“We owe thanks to our loyal customers for being active partners in helping Biblionix constantly enhance Apollo,” said Clark Charbonnet, founder and principal of Biblionix.
“Day-to-day input from practicing public librarians has created an ever richer product.”

Both the old and new catalog interfaces will be available for some months on Biblionix’ hosted software-as-a-service platform. Customers are empowered to decide when to switch over to the new catalog by simply checking a box in a set
up page.

Other customer comments include:

  • The new catalog looks wonderful!!! I am so excited to use it.
  • GORGEOUS!!!! It looks so good!
  • Thanks for all the great work on the new catalog! I love the look…
  • It’s just wonderful!! Amanda’s busy emoting over each new feature she’s found- and she’s been finding them for the last hour.
  • Happy, happy, happy, grateful, grateful, grateful!!
  • I love this! We were just trying to spruce up our catalog and you did it for us. Thanks.
  • Everybody loves the new catalog!
  • OMG, guys! We LOOOOVE it! It’s so pretty!