Faceted Searching is Here

Apollo now has faceted searching in the public catalog! Unlike most faceted search implementations, key facets remain accessible as one scrolls through search results. Most facets are presented in pull-down menus for an easy-to-use, compact display. Each facet… Read More

Product of the Year – Again!

Our Apollo ILS/LSP has been ranked by users as the Product of the Year – AGAIN! For the 2017 awards, Apollo topped 60 other automation and other products in the Modern Library Awards by LibraryWorks, Inc. LibraryWorks created… Read More

Six figure savings with Apollo

“We are a city of over 70,000 and have used Apollo for over 7 years. We love it! It has been “down” for a total of probably 5 minutes in the last 7 years. We did our research,… Read More

Apollo in 7th year at the top

New Responsive Public Catalog

Marshall Breeding’s annual “Perceptions” survey is an international survey of library automation customers. For the SEVENTH straight year, Apollo received top rankings in ALL categories. The report was released on January 31, 2016. “Apollo continues to receive superlative… Read More

Apollo himself appears at PLA!

Apollo himself, at 6′ 8″, descended from Olympus to help us celebrate the Product of the Year award at PLA!