Apollo adds Acquisitions and a new OPAC

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Past News

Biblionix adds key functionality

Indianapolis, Indiana – March 14, 2014
Today at the Public Library Association (PLA) conference, Biblionix announced the two major enhancements to its Apollo automation system: Acquisitions and a totally new look for the public catalog.

The Acquisitions module provides for the management of collection budgets and purchases. Regardless of vendors’ Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support, orders and budgets may be tracked in one place. Automatic shopping cart creation is also provided for one commonly used vendor. The user interface is simple and elegant, using point and click fast and easy editing.

The public catalog makeover is major and compelling. Clean presentation, color, and seamless navigation will engage patrons and enhance their love of the library. A crawl of new item images is included for all libraries. Premium resource icons are easily available for one-click access. What’s Hot, What’s New, and Booklists are tabbed for ease of access. Item detail is provided by vertical expansion of the page rather than a pop-up. Also, key advantages of the current catalog have been maintained: VersaCat®, sortable columns, uncluttered display of search results, and no paging for search results.

Acquisitions is available to all customers immediately for an extra charge. It can be enabled instantly for a free trial or for use. The new public catalog will be available later this Spring for no charge. Each library will have several months to decide when to change over to the hot new look.