About Us

Biblionix is family owned and devoted solely to small- and medium-sized public libraries. It was founded in 2003, based on years of library experience. On a personal level, we are intimately involved in our own community library, including weekly volunteer shifts at the circulation desk, fundraising, technology support, and more. That's the kind of interest and dedication that helps us understand and meet your changing needs.

You'll see that our Apollo automation service provides elegant and complete solutions for operating your library. And you might notice that in many large, name automation systems, these solutions either don’t exist or are less than desirable. That's because we focus only on what you need instead of trying to be all things to all libraries. No company can be the best at everything. Our only goal is to be the best at serving the small- and medium-sized public library, period.

The early years

Our story is best told in the words of library director Beth Wheeler Fox (author of The Dynamic Community Library) in an article published in the Texas Library Journal in April 2008. Reproduced here with express permission of the Texas Library Association is The Birth of an Automation System (PDF).

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