The most loved ILSs: Apollo for publics & Artemis for schools

With Apollo’s >99% customer renewal rate, imagine what we can do for your public library!

Biblionix Features Award Winning ILS Solutions for Public and School Libraries

Respect. Genuine care about your success. Fair treatment. Are those type of feelings missing from your vendor relationships? Fast service and ease of use come to mind as well. Biblionix, a family-owned enterprise, lives up to these ideals. In this video, you will see customers’ own thoughts and expressions about their experiences with us.

APOLLO for Publics

  • Complete patron engagement
  • Dedicated, revered customer support
  • Helping library professionals help themselves

Intensely loyal customers

Intuitive, elegant interface

FlexShare™ consortia; retain autonomy

Hosted only and multi tenant for best of breed security and support

ARTEMIS for Schools

  • Dedicated, revered customer support
  • Asset management enhancing instructional team achievement


Share collections and patrons and retain your autonomy. FlexShare™ is a unique consortium solution. Choose your sharing level and privacy settings. Enter and exit at will.

No funny business.

Imagine the way you’d like the business side of your vendor relationships to be. Compare that to the real-world behavior of Biblionix. Our themes run like textbook examples of the ‘right thing’: we don’t lock you in with multi-year contracts; we don’t charge any exit fee if you leave Apollo; , you can try out Apollo with all of your data with no commitment or payment.

Let us partner with you and get on your good side; where we always strive to be.

  • Exit any time, with refund.

  • Get your data out, free, any time.

  • Free trial with all of your data.

  • Price guarantee.

  • No auto-price increases.

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