Apollo’s Dashboard is here!

There’s a whole new front page for staff in Apollo!

The Dashboard brings a sleek new look to staff’s primary access/home page. It provides unprecedented access to key information with up-to-the-minute status. Tabs are managed internally to the Dashboard allowing for features like auto-restore and precise labeling.

Other significant enhancements include:

  • Staff authentication: use of usernames and passwords. This will allow for future logging of all actions.
  • Fly-in, auto-retract menu
  • Tile approach to provide a wealth of auto-updating information easily open multiple tabs in the same module, with prompting about opening a duplicate tab.
  • News and Hints
    • Another way to inform you of updates and other key news/info
    • The News might be for all customers, customers in one state, or just your library, etc!

The Dashboard is available immediately at no charge for all customers to test drive; on their schedule. There is no current timetable to force customers to switch. They can move back and forth from the Dashboard to the Classic interface at will, and on a PC-by-PC basis. When ready, one click will take them out of the trial mode to use the Dashboard permanently.

One Comment on “Apollo’s Dashboard is here!

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