Two-way Texting is Here

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Past News

Apollo is now sporting enhanced patron text message delivery. This includes a new option called Gabbie(TM) 2-way texting which enables customers to have an exciting and fun new way for Apollo customers to engage and serve their patrons.

“As always, you are crazy awesome with features the big boys wish they could make happen. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to team up with you!”


Michelle Mears of the Rolling Hills Consolidated Library in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Some highlights are:

  • A console is provided for two-way texting conversations with individual patrons. Each conversation is hot linked for seamless opening of the patron’s account.
  • Patrons can send ‘command’ texts, like “renew” and “summary” any time of day or night with no staff distraction or action required.
  • The library can offer an “Ask a Librarian” type of service using its custom SMS/cell number. This can be promoted on its website, in emails, and in other marketing avenues. There is no need for a third party solution. NOTE: This will serve as a ‘real-time reference service’ for the Edge Assessment, Community Value benchmark 2.3.


“As our customers are telling us, Gabbie is in the ‘awesome’ category. It’s exciting and a lot of fun to engage patrons in this new hot, high-tech approach. We’re leveraging Apollo’s cloud-only architecture to help our customers stay on the leading edge.”


Clark Charbonnet, founder of Biblionix.