Apollo Automation

“You have got to be the most helpful company we have ever dealt with.”

Marcia Johnson, Director
Miami Public Library

Our Apollo™ automation system excels at meeting the needs of small- and medium- sized public libraries, because that's all we do. We don't deal with school libraries, academic libraries, or big-city libraries. That's a promise we've made to our customers. Apollo's breadth of patron capabilities engages patrons at a whole new level, helping you build your community. Its hosted approach removes software installation and server headaches. Apollo™ was designed within the library environment by practicing librarians and patrons. It was implemented with fresh, Internet-savvy thinking, without baggage of past software or corporate mergers.

Our customers say Apollo dramatically increases ease of use and efficiency. Your staff will be able to accomplish more with less time. Plus, there's no software to install. All that's needed is a browser.

For the FIFTH straight year, Apollo tops major survey results!

We all but eliminate the frustrations of migrating, like fighting the stranglehold that open source and proprietary automation systems have on your data (see Data Accessibility). Our free trial helps you get the butterflies out before migration because you're trying anything you like and asking questions all the way. And free on-line training gets everyone up to speed. See the Apollo information sheet.

Start an Apollo trial today — it's free and it's fun.

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  2. Delightful and efficient for staff

  3. Empower Patrons

  4. No onsite server required

  5. Designed by practicing librarians

  6. Smooth, Comfortable Migration

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See Apollo in Action (top)

While you continue to operate your library uninterrupted, you can try Apollo in 3 ways:

Delightful and efficient for your staff (top)

Our customers simply rave about how much easier their jobs are. From time-savers, to error prevention, to patron joy and community building, Apollo is making a difference. And this is all with only a browser and no server or software to install. Here are a few examples:

“You guys are so good! Thanks for the best support ever!”

Kerry Shepherd
Red River Public Library
New Mexico

“Apollo, developed by Biblionix, topped the rankings in ILS satisfaction and company satisfaction… No library using Apollo indicated consideration of moving to a new ILS…”

Marshall Breeding — Perceptions Survey
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Empower Patrons as Never Before (top)

With Apollo, your patrons get a host of new, user friendly services. What's more, they'll see the identical interface at home as they will in your library. Their happiness will be your success. Think about how these exciting capabilities will be received:

No onsite server required / no support cost surprises (top)

That's right, Apollo is a fully featured automation application that runs on our powerful and secure servers. This approach is called the "hosted" approach or Software-as-a-Service. You save on hardware and maintenance costs and headaches. You won't have budgetary surprises of having to buy a new server or paying for expensive maintenance calls.

Designed by practicing librarians (top)

Born out of the frustration of being trapped with a legacy ILS system, a highly successful Texas public library thought out of the box. They had a vision of a better way to run a public library. They partnered with Biblionix and started from the ground up to design and build a completely new ILS. Driven by practicing, accomplished librarians, including the 2006 Texas Library Association Librarian of the Year, Apollo came to be. Meticulous attention to detail and continuous improvements resulted in an exceptional system for community libraries, not big-city libraries.

Smooth, Comfortable Migration (top)

“In my 20+ years in libraries, switching to Apollo is one of the smartest choices I have made.”

Kim Earnest
Mediapolis Publicy Library

Pricing (top)

Apollo is a service, offered on an annual subscription basis, just as you might pay for magazines or databases. And all features are included in the base subscription price except three: Content Cafe 2, Auto-Calling, and Branch Support. Subscriptions include all server functionality, backups, customer support, free upgrades, and access to a user forum. A contract is not required. You can cancel at any time and receive a refund of your unused subscription term. Our customers' holdings range from under 10,000 to over 140,000 items and their annual circulations range from under 10,000 to over 600,000. Pricing is quoted on an individual library basis, so contact us for details on your subscription.

System Requirements (top)

Because of our Internet delivery, the system requirements for Apollo are a breeze. We don't lock you in to particular hardware or a particular operating system. Plus, since Apollo is hosted only, it's optimized for on-line use, exhibiting excellent response times.





Apollo will boost your library's image. Patrons will experience easier, better access and a smoother running operation. Your staff will be more productive and have more fun on the job. Your collection data will be pure and collection decisions will be extremely well informed. Designed by librarians and tested by volunteers and patrons, Apollo will make a difference at your library.

Start an Apollo trial today — it's free and it's fun.