Biblionix Announces Auto-Calling™ for Apollo Automation

by | Oct 24, 2007 | Past News

Automated Overdue and Reserve Calling Option Eliminates Tedium

Austin, Texas – October 25, 2007
Biblionix today announced “Auto-Calling”, an automated call placement option for its Apollo Automation service. Auto-Calling places overdue and reserve calls without any action by library staff. Calls are placed to those patrons who selected phone calling as their preferred method of notification. Auto-Calling helps small- and medium-sized public libraries inexpensively avoid these monotonous and sometimes trying calls.

“Since we started using Auto-Calling, our days are so much more enjoyable,” said Diann Blevins of Westbank Community Library in Austin, Texas. “We’ve saved countless hours of tedium and our members are happy too!”

Auto-Calling can be enabled for use by Apollo customers immediately. Also, free sample calls can be placed from this web page: Auto-Calling is an extra cost option since a 3rd party Internet phone service performs the actual call placement. A library with 200 total overdue and reserve calls per month might expect to pay $15 to $25 per month.

“Thanks to Westbank, who shared its calling challenges with us, we were able to solve their problem and create a powerful solution that other customers can enjoy,” said Xan Charbonnet, founder of Biblionix. “Plus, our hosted delivery model allowed us to leverage existing Internet services and quickly make the capability available.”