Biblionix Announces New Approach to Retrospective Conversions

by | Jul 10, 2007 | Past News

BARC allows in-house automation for a low, flat fee

Austin, Texas – July 10, 2007
Biblionix today announced BARC (Biblionix Automated Retrospective Conversion), a landscape-changing, special feature of the Apollo automation service for small- and medium-sized public libraries. BARC is an in-house retrospective conversion solution, offered at an enormously reduced, flat price versus typical out-sourced solutions. Conversion can be reliably achieved with a couple of staff members or teams of volunteers, strengthening the library’s bonds to the community. The user interface is carefully crafted to be intuitive and to ensure accuracy. The conversion fee for a small library can be as little as $1,000 and it is a flat fee, unrelated to the number of items.

“Automation was an overwhelming task before us, but with Apollo it became possible and the people at Biblionix were so considerate and helpful,” said Mary Sue Duty, board member of the Moody Community Library in Moody, Texas. “Automation has become a reality for us with a small cost and great service! I would recommend this system to libraries across Texas and the United States.”

With a scan of the ISBN barcode or keying-in of the ISBN or title, Apollo quickly accesses the Library of Congress and other large libraries for free bibliographic records. After a check that the titles match, one click enters that item into the collection. BARC makes label printing and patron account creation easy. The friendly, user-tested instructions streamline the automation at the library, on the library’s schedule, saving thousands of dollars. Also, this wonderful volunteer opportunity, not unlike a quilting bee, can enhance the social and emotional connections of volunteers and their beloved library.

“BARC ensures that reliable and complete bibliographic records are used”, said Laurie Mahaffey, Deputy Director of the Central Texas Library System in Austin, Texas. “Plus, with the outstanding authority control of Apollo, subjects and authors are entered accurately, without error or duplication. The Apollo retrospective conversion solution is making automation possible, where before it was unattainable.”

Biblionix wishes to thank Moody Community Library in Moody, Texas for being the proving ground for BARC and helping to solidify the process and instructions. Moody Community Library received a Tocker Foundation grant for a multi-year subscription to Apollo. The Tocker Foundation distributes funds principally for the support, encouragement, and assistance of small rural libraries in Texas. Other libraries have since begun their own BARC process while others have applied for Tocker grants for Apollo. With no software to install and no server required, getting started with BARC and Apollo automation is easy.




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