Key Features of An Integrated Library System

by | May 5, 2023 | Catalog System

There is a library at the heart of every community. In fact, a great library and a great community serve each other. The way that they do that is through reliance on an Integrated Library System (ILS). What is an Integrated Library System and what are the key features of a great one?

What Does an Integrated Library System Do?

Essentially, an integrated library system is an easy way to connect patrons, public library systems, and their collection. It saves time and prevents errors. Using an ILS makes libraries more efficient, increases output, and improves access to resources for its patrons. It does so by thinking about what features are needed and how to improve on them to make the system better for everyone.

Key Features of an ILS

In an integrated library system, integrated means that everything works together. The library’s website and its catalog work seamlessly together so that everyone from staff to users are happy.

Management Features

The features of the ILS can be divided into groups. Things that all library systems must have to work together efficiently are a database and a way to keep track of the catalog that makes up the database. The database keeps track of all the information that belongs to the library. Having all this information in one place ensures that nothing gets lost, and it can all be managed. A cataloging system is essential as well, as it allows libraries to add or remove books or other items to their database. The other important management feature of any library’s ILS is the circulation aspect. As items are searched, requested, and borrowed, the circulation module of the integrated library system keeps track of where items are and when they will be returned to the library.

Empowerment Features

An integrated library system must make the library’s collection and the circulation of the collection easy for the library staff and its users, but that is not all. The other main advantage of all the things that the integrated library system can do is the empowerment of it. Anyone can find what they need, and access it easily. The library can find what they need, and they can separate the catalogs to be specific to all users, including children. A valuable feature is a catalog for the children’s library, and all catalogs are online for anyone to be able to access at any time. It is very easy to keep track of what has been borrowed and there are many ways to ensure that nothing is overdue or lost.

An integrated library system manages online access with an easy log-in feature, and communication can be done with different people, libraries, and cataloging systems. Patrons have access to more features than ever before.

An ILS is an electronic program that works with librarians and library users to circulate and catalog items, manage patron activity, and track an items movement. But, the most important and empowering feature is not a single feature, but the way all the features work together as one so that the library and the community can also be one. Contact us for more information.




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