What we do for public libraries

Apollo┬« is dedicated to public libraries with fewer than 300,000 holdings. It’s not for school libraries, academic libraries, or special libraries. That’s a promise we’ve made to our customers. And Apollo is award-winning. Its elegance stems from its development within the public library environment along with fresh, Internet-savvy thinking, without baggage of past software or corporate mergers. Our hosted-only, redundant server approach server means you don’t worry with servers and software upgrades. It provides for fast, easy integration with 3rd party entities like e-books, databases, state catalogs, etc.

For many years in a row, Apollo tops major survey results!

You can cancel at any time and receive a pro-rated refund, yet we guarantee your price won’t rise for 3 years at a time. You can also obtain your entire data set on demand, for free. It IS your data.

We all but eliminate the frustrations of migrating, like fighting the stranglehold that open source and proprietary automation systems can have on your data (see Data Accessibility). Our free trial helps you get the butterflies out before migration because you’re trying anything you like and asking questions all the way. And free on-line training gets everyone up to speed. See the Apollo information sheet.

“You have got to be the most helpful company we have ever dealt with.”

Marcia Johnson, Director
Miami Public Library