Thank you for your interest in Apollo Automation for Texas public libraries.

We are proud to count more than 220 Texas public libraries as our customers; by far the plurality. If you ask some of these libraries, you will find that Apollo’s completeness and elegance, stellar customer support, and focus on only public libraries are key reasons for its broad adoption. Plus, being based right in Austin might also be a bit of a factor!

To help our big Texas family, we’ve removed some big burdens regarding the ILL process.

  • We automatically update MARC in the OCLC database. Our customers don’t have to do a thing.
  • You set ILL lending limits, like the age of item and material types, then we decline ILL requests for such items automatically.
  • Items arriving for one of your patrons can be received in Navigator, then just scanned in Apollo. The patron will be notified by email or text automatically!
  • You can check the item out to your patron like any other item. We merge ILLs into your normal process for reserves, to minimize your processes and chances for error.

We don’t serve schools or academic or special libraries, period. Apollo is solely for public libraries. When schools and colleges call, we politely thank them and send them elsewhere.

So you have our total devotion. And that is reflected in how our customers feel about Apollo and in the many Awards we’ve won.

Please browse our site and feel free to contact us for a free trial with your own data or a demo or whatever you need.

If you’re ready to experience how wonderful a public library ILS can be, we are here for you and you alone. There’s much more that Apollo can do for Texas libraries. Let us tell you the whole story!