Customer Sentiments

You are library gods.
Jill Brown, Director
Deckerville Public Library, Michigan
(Now an Apollo customer again and the director in Millington, Michigan)

Thank you for all the years. If I had that choice to make over again, I would do exactly the same thing. Eight years and you’re still going strong, still improving, and I have no reason to even think about going anywhere else. Usually at this point, other companies are trying to merge us onto a new product. There’s a reason you guys do so well with customer satisfaction! Keep up the good work!
Joy Stortvedt
Shenandoah Public Library

Apollo actually does what it says it can do. This is so unexpected (almost unbelievable) that my board kept asking me to ‘find the catch.’ There isn’t a catch.
Michael Dawber, CEO/Librarian
Rainy River Public Library

Apollo is a beautifully simple system that packs a powerful punch under the hood.
Michelle Mears, Director
Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
St. Joseph, Missouri

A day doesn’t go by that a staff member or a patron doesn’t comment on how much they like Apollo. The service is by far the BEST customer service we have ever received from any company, period.  
Lynn M. Piotrowicz, Director
Tucker Free Library
New Hampshire

You have got to be the most helpful company we have ever dealt with.
Marcia Johnson, Director
Miami Public Library

Thanks for being so wonderful and patient with us! Hanging in there with us for the year plus journey is really appreciated. And your product is WONDERFUL to boot. The whole process was great and painless. Thank you!
Aimee Pittman, Director
Green Pond-Woodstock Library

I hope you know how grateful we are to you for the great support we receive from you guys. We appreciate you more than you know.
Jan Steele, Director
Lago Vista Public Library

You guys do such great things. Thank you for listening. Out of all the ILS that I have worked in my 30 years of library work Biblionix is the easiest to work with.
Nicki Stohr, Director
Wilson County Libraries
Floresville, Texas

Thank you so VERY much for accommodating our requests! All of you are AWESOME! As always I am extremely grateful for your wonderful customer service…I have NEVER had any doubts about whether we chose the right automation system!
Andrea Corvin, Director
Edgewood Community Library
New Mexico

I really appreciate everything you & the Biblionix team have done to help us make this transition. You made it so easy with OverDrive we got spoiled. Thanks for following up even though it wasn’t an Apollo issue.
Jacki Gross, Director
Seguin-Guadalupe Library

Thank you to you and your whole team … you have been a blessing to us this year!
Susan Walters, Director
Vinita Public Library

I have spent the last two days in web page classes at the state library. The instructor said I was lucky to be using Apollo and what a great group you are to work with. She could not say enough good things about you. Apparently, some of the other companies were difficult to work with. Some of the other librarians were not as happy with their system and wished they had chosen Apollo. I came back to find our renewal invoice due, which I’m paying with a smile.
Lois Bannister, Director
Garland Smith Memorial Library