Fall 2016 Newsletter- Feature

Become a Passport Acceptance Facility

Interested in generating additional revenue, increasing community visibility, expanding your services and driving additional foot traffic through your doors? Consider applying to become a Passport Acceptance Facility. In 2015, more than 16 million passports were issued – 7.9 million of these applications were accepted by a network of 7,300 acceptance facilities. The State Department is projecting the demand for passports to rise to 20 million issuances annually over the next two years.

Public libraries have the opportunity to grow their services by providing a convenient way for patrons living and working in their area to submit their applications. Your library also retains the $25 execution fee for each passport application. Your Regional Passport Agency provides direct email and phone support. They also offer regular training on passport acceptance and provide all necessary forms and manuals. Passport Acceptance Facilities complete the verification required for applicants and then send these verified applications to the State Department who processes the paperwork and issues the passport.

Apollo customer, Whitesboro Public Library, has been a Passport Acceptance Facility for the past 10 years. Library Director, Ginger Garvin, first learned about the program from industry colleagues at an ARSL Conference. She wasted no time in contacting the Regional Passport Office and completing the training when she returned home. “It’s the best decision I’ve made,” commented Garvin. She stated the program took off quickly and has raised more than $40,000 for the library. With these additional funds, she’s upgraded computers, made cosmetic changes to the library and enhanced the Summer Reading Program. Word of the program has spread and patrons travel from many surrounding areas, including nearby Dallas, to submit their passport applications. Garvin believes the highly successful program is in part due to the accessibility: no appointment is needed and drop-ins are welcome. They also take passport photos onsite so it’s a one-stop shop. During busy months, Garvin estimates they may process 15-20 applications a week. The support from the Regional Passport Office is very thorough and includes ongoing training. The experience has been so positive, Garvin highly recommends other libraries consider applying.

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