Apollo’s Dashboard is here!

There’s a whole new front page for staff in Apollo!

The Dashboard brings a sleek new look to staff’s primary access/home page. It provides unprecedented access to key information with up-to-the-minute status. Tabs are managed internally to the Dashboard allowing for features like auto-restore and precise labeling.

Other significant enhancements include:

  • Staff authentication: use of usernames and passwords. This will allow for future logging of all actions.
  • Fly-in, auto-retract menu
  • Tile approach to provide a wealth of auto-updating information easily open multiple tabs in the same module, with prompting about opening a duplicate tab.
  • News and Hints
    • Another way to inform you of updates and other key news/info
    • The News might be for all customers, customers in one state, or just your library, etc!

The Dashboard is available immediately at no charge for all customers to test drive; on their schedule. There is no current timetable to force customers to switch. They can move back and forth from the Dashboard to the Classic interface at will, and on a PC-by-PC basis. When ready, one click will take them out of the trial mode to use the Dashboard permanently.

Kids’ Catalog Now Available for the Apollo™ ILS

Biblionix today announced the availability of a “Kids’ Catalog” option for the award-winning Apollo ILS/LSP. It allows children to browse and discover materials related to their age-level.

Each library chooses what classes of materials are made accessible through the new catalog. And optional links to toggle between the general catalog and the Kids’ Catalog can be deployed. An image of the new catalog is shown above and an example live version is accessible from the Clear Lake Public Library in Iowa.

This functionality is available immediately for all Apollo ILS customers for an additional annual fee.

Apollo in 8th Year at the Top

Marshall Breeding’s annual “Perceptions” survey is an international survey of library automation customers. For the EIGHT straight year, the Apollo™ ILS received top rankings in ALL categories. The report was released on March 17, 2018. Here are some customer quotes submitted as part of the survey.

  • Apollo Biblionix has the BEST customer service I’ve ever encountered! You talk to a HUMAN and I feel like they know me personally, they are patient and very helpful!
  • Biblionix Apollo continues to deliver exceptional service and very good value for money. Best. ILS. Ever.
  • We recently migrated from Atriuum to Apollo and couldn’t be happier. Apollo meets more of our needs, and we’ve been able to streamline so many processes on the staff side more so than we could with our previous ILS.
  • We converted to Apollo almost 5 years ago and we have been incredibly happy with the ILS system.

For more details, see the “Perceptions 2017: An International Survey of Library Automation”survey. Please note that libraries with up to 100,000 holdings are considered “small”/”very small” in this survey.

Six figure savings with Apollo

“We are a city of over 70,000 and have used Apollo for over 7 years. We love it! It has been “down” for a total of probably 5 minutes in the last 7 years. We did our research, went with Apollo, and have saved the city probably over $200,000 between staff efficiency and actual dollars for other products.”

Gretchen Pruett
New Braunfels Public Libary, Texas