Getting Started

You can take several steps to build your confidence that Apollo is right for your public library. You can do all of this while your regular operation is completely unaffected.

  1. Try out the public catalog interface of our demonstration library. Try misspelling something, like "Hairy Poter". Note that items in green are available while items in red are not, columns are sortable, and be sure to try the popular "What's Hot".

  2. Try Apollo, free, with all of your data. With no fee or commitment (PDF) we'll import any/all of your library's data into a new Apollo account so you can test drive it. We'll help you get a copy of your data out of your existing ILS with the easy, secure upload page created just for your library. Take as long as you like; your migration comfort is paramount. You pay nothing until after you migrate. Request your data trial now!