About Us

Our Philosophy

Open. Easy. Elegant. Powerful.
That’s what we’re about.

Only one type of customer. Cancel at any time. Get your data any time for free.
That’s what you can expect.

Our goal is to make you happy. Not to tie you down. Our customers relationships are truly partnerships. Just ask our customers.

Apollo is devoted to just one kind of customer: public libraries. It’s a promise we’ve made to our customers. Too often, a company will take any business that it can and before long they are mediocre at serving all customers. Apollo is free of clutter from features that aren’t for public libraries. Our customers simply rave about how much easier their jobs have become, from time-savers, to error prevention, to e-book integration, to patron joy. Apollo makes a difference. And this is all with only a browser and no server or software to install.

  • Understanding the needs of just one kind of customer lets us excel at serving them. An ILS company can’t be outstanding at everything; we continually strive to continue to be outstanding at one thing.
  • Product enhancements are easier and faster to accomplish because there is no need to decide whether to add a school or university feature. This helps you keep current with a state-of-the-art ILS.
  • When you call for support, we already know what kind of customer is calling and are ready to answer.
  • We’re eager to adapt Apollo to your needs because if you need a feature, our other customers will likely want it too.
  • We integrate Apollo with state catalogs and audio book companies to reduce your tedium and increase your patrons’ delight.

Biblionix is an efficient, 21st century, customer-focused company, not a cumbersome provider with high overhead, trying to please many types of customers. The result is that 99.996% of our customers stay with Apollo.